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freakygeeksandgeekyfreaks asked: hey so i read youre hatching deinos and i was wondering if maybe you could trade me one. i dont mind so much what the iv are or if its shiny, im prepared to bear that burden myself. but if you could id very much appreciate it. umm i dont know what pokemon youd want in return so if you could give me a list i could prolly see if i have any of them. we can do this over GTS or we could trade friend codes :) please and thank you


sure I can give you one. I don’t need anything. just tell me your FC. I’m usually online at around 10pm-12am GMT 8+ because of work lol. My FC is 0447-7499-0283 :)

Shiny Hunting

I’m still hunting for my Dusk Ball Modest EM Shiny Deino. Currently hatched 660 eggs. Hope this hunt ends soon.


Look how far we’ve come.


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umbrella sky project by sextafeira produgues in agueda, portugal. beautiful and, as protection from the summer sun, practical.

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Pokémon: The Origin

So we’ve reached the point when people can now remake the OG Pokémon anime series, featuring the original 151, Professor Oak, and Brock. I guess this TV special will dump that loser Ash? You don’t see much of Pikachu’s mark ass here either.

The anime special will premier in Japan this October.

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